How do I use online quiz makers?

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Testing is a topic that is rarely fun for students. With the test driven educational society we live in today, it is vital to ensure that students have a positive outlook on taking tests. Many students worry about their performance on tests. These fears often come from parental expectations and can develop into test anxiety disorder. As an instructor, it is important that you incorporate fun into your quizzes as much as possible. This helps alleviate the stress involved with taking an important exam and helps students to relax and perform to their best ability. Use these three tips as you prepare your next quiz to help students receive the best score they can while they have fun completing their quiz.

1)     Remember to encourage your students always.

Students want to know that you care about them, not that you just want them to deliver results. It is important to encourage your students each time they complete a quiz. Recognizing your students can be as simple as verbal acknowledgment to a certificate that states they have made a great attempt at the quiz. Do not labor over making your certificates by hand, instead use an online quiz maker to administer your test and have the software automatically create a certificate for every completion or only after students receive a certain score on the quiz. Dedicate a bulletin board in your classroom to display the certificates to encourage your students and recognize their efforts.

2)     Reach every type of learner within your quiz.

Every student has his or her own learning style. As you create your quiz and strive to make it fun, include questions that reach every type of learner. Since most students associate with at least one of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, make sure to incorporate each type of intelligence throughout the questions in your quiz. To achieve this goal create a quiz that has plenty of visual and auditory components. Using pictures and videos when using an online quiz maker helps you reach auditory and visual learners, as well as the rest of Gardner’s intelligences through the visual and auditory aids you choose. When using a visual aid connect with naturalistic and visual learners with a picture about nature within the quiz. Keep this in mind as you add auditory components and reach multiple learners at once, while embedding fun into your quiz with this component.

3)     Let students see the opportunity for growth.

Often teachers and students treat quizzes as the final mark within an instructional unit. When in actuality it is the opposite. With that students need to know that every quiz is an opportunity for learning. To help illustrate this concept to students choose be flexible with the grading of your quiz. When using quiz maker software you can easily determine if all or some of your questions will be graded as you create your quiz. This is important to help students learn as much as they can and have fun with their quiz. So, let your students know that as they complete the quiz not every question is graded and that the point of the quiz is for them to try their best and not worry about the score they receive. By letting students know this they will have more fun with their answers and relax as they complete the quiz, thus performing better overall.

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